Become the best version of yourself by building good habits effortlessly

This challenge will help you build new good habits easily and help you achieve a lifestyle you are dreaming of without exerting too much effort and willpower

According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of the people around the world who set goals of building habits, actually follow thru and make it. 

If you are reading this, chances are you are one of the 92% who broke their good habit building within weeks or days after starting.

if you are tired of failing on building good habits again and again ...
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According to James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits”

5 Common Mistakes That Cause New Habits to Fail

I understand you ...

they're my problems too ..

Hi, I am Rene. I'm freelance video editor working purely online at the comfort of my home. I have been doing this for years and what I can say is, "it's not easy" but ... it's "not HARD".

Let me explain ... Working from home is more on the mental aspect ... Physically, you don't need much effort ... no commute, no traffic, and other hassles you encounter when working face-to-face. But it is inevitable that you will experience mental fatigue if you don't organize your workflow. This is much harder than physical fatigue, because mental fatigue may result to stress, anxiety, depression and more.

And because of this, you NEED to develop good habits to maintain your mental health in top shape.

If you are working from home, you need GOOD HABITS for your mental health

I present to you ...

NO! I'm not an expert, a coach or a guru of some sort ...

I am just another online freelancer who just want make the best out of life. After all my goal settings and pushing myself to become better, all I reap is failure and the endless “day one” and “back to zero” loop of habit forming routine. This lead to frustration, loss of self-confidence, and the belief that I cannot progress anymore

I read and listen to a lot of self-help and self improvement books to make myself better physically and mentally. Most of the time it works, but as time goes, I went back to my old bad habits.

It’s when I encountered “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, that I realized that everything I was doing was wrong .. or should I say not effective for me… 

The concept is very simple …

Break your habits into smaller pieces …

Be consistent …

Repeat until the habit is automatic

Improve 1% per day …

Focus on building a system to last rather that a goal that expires …

Sound easy right?

But …


application of knowledge is true learning

I challenged myself and put this concept to a test, and see if it is “FIT” for me. I spent 21 days of researching, studying and applying the concepts in James Clear’s Atomic Habit. And to my surprise, I ACHIEVED A SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT.

I did not became a super athlete or a genius, but it built my confidence and the belief that I can improve myself without stressing myself too much. It gave me clarity and realize that small improvements makes big results.



with that said

my question is

if you want to

Then jump right in!

what's next?

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With all these been said, we can wrap this up and I’ll see you inside and let’s start your LIFE CHANGING challenge.

Not to mention … There will be special prizes for all those challenge finishiers …

To your success,

Rene “The Habit Challenger” Leanda