Day 19

the perfect daily routine

If you are looking for the perfect daily routine that you can do?

It is the one that will perfectly fit to your needs, priorities, schedules and lifestyle. Only you can formulate your Perfect Daily Routine. 

We all have different needs, priorities, schedules and lifestyle, so what works for me may not work for you.

But there are two things to put in mind when building your Perfect Daily Routine. 

First is, you must put in priority those habits related to SLEEP, DIET and EXERCISE. These are Keystone habits. Building them first will help you build new good habits easier.

Second is, your habits should be easy enough for you to do it everyday and bounce back if ever you miss a day.

Build new good habits, stack the with old good habits and attain consistency and automaticity.

The Perfect Daily Routine is the one that will put you in top productive shape and will last for a lifetime.

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