Raw Live interviews

Hopeless vagabond to a mentor for top email marketers in the Philippines

  • Listen to his story on how he transformed himself from a vagabond without dreams and hope in life to a successful email marketer and a passionate email marketing coach.
  • Learn how powerful email marketing is and its potential in today’s age and in the future.
  • Get to know how Coach Fred and his community are different from others, the level of his commitment to each of his students, and where his courage comes from to say he is “a mentor to the top email marketers of today!”

Former Civil Engineer turned Podcast Producer

  • Listen to her biggest mistake in doing online business all because of not seeking help and mentorship.
  • Get to know how she started freelancing due to necessity and eventually fell in love with email marketing.
  • Know her secret “battle cry” to uplift her mindset every day and gain the confidence and courage to get through all the challenges in freelancing.

Inexperienced 6-figure Email Marketer

  • Listen to her biggest mistake in doing online business all because of not seeking help and mentorship.
  • Get to know how she started freelancing due to necessity and eventually fell in love with email marketing.
  • Know her secret “battle cry” to uplift her mindset every day and gain the confidence and courage to get through all the challenges in freelancing.

Video Podcast Editor

  • Listen to how Eman hopped for job to job to survive his family because of early marriage.
  • Get to know how a community of like-minded people and getting out of his comfort zone gave him opportunities to land clients thru referrals
  • Learn how powerful his video and his optimized profile attracted “celebrity” clients.

Accountant for Digital Marketers

  • Her greatest achievement in freelancing is peace of mind.
  • Listen to her story on how she shifted from an overwhelmed and overworked corporate employee to a freelance accountant with time freedom.
  • Discover how you can scale your business thru accounting.

Powerhouse OBM

  • Listen to her story of mismanaging their finances where she earned a lot but when the emergency came, she had no funds to pull out.
  • Know what it takes to be a “POWERHOUSE” OBM as she laid out a complete starter pack for newbies.
  • Get to know how she got her first OBM client, and how it lead her to more opportunities.

Introvert SEO Specialist

  • Listen to how Marielle left her medical career (close to being an MD) to become a freelancer, because of depression, so severe it could have cost her life.
  • Get to know what she did to “evolve” herself from being a EXTREME INTROVERT to a somewhat sociable introvert.
  • Learn how she copes with her depression and panic attacks, even up until now, to keep up on working as a freelancer and agency co-founder.

The Premium Non-Profit Website Accessibility Expert

  • Listen to Gerson’s story of how he transitioned from being a nurse to a web developer.
  • Learn how Non-profit organizations can be a market of premium clients.
  • Get to know how he changed his scarcity mindset; from fearing losing clients because of connecting with other freelancers, to giving away clients to those who need and deserve.

The Systems Architect

  • Listen to her story on how her agency survived the pandemic. When her in-house team was forced to be relieved and negotiate with her clients for ad hoc tasks.
  • Get to know how setting boundaries with clients will lessen your troubles in your agency
  • Discover how she co-founded their digital marketing agency thru their “secret weapon”. No spoilers about the secret … highly confidential

The Social Entrepreneur

  • Get to hear how Clyde defined “Social Entrepreneurship” as doing business by solving a social problem. This is related to Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Listen to how he started his business model in college and implemented it just recently.
  • Get to know how he develops brand strategies to incorporate “Good Works” into business.

Green Businesses Sustainable Marketer

  • Listen to Jhendell’s story of starting online freelancing as a writer by just using her CELLPHONE.
  • Her hard work of listening to live interviews, studying things and getting clients really got results but had a toll on her health. This led to a NEAR DEATH experience that eventually made her realize a lot of things and do things more strategically.
  • Now she is focusing on serving a market that has a mission for preserving nature or “green” businesses. Which is an emerging and profitable market now that we are feeling the bad effects of global warming.

Former Seminarian to Web3 Entrepreneur

  • Listen to Shan’s story from being a competitive student to a seminarian to a top sales rep, and now a full-time freelancer and a web3 entrepreneur.
  • Discover how building his network opened opportunities and finally lead him to start doing a business that he really loves to do.
  • Get to know the importance and benefit of knowing what Web3 is and taking advantage of it NOW.

The Visualization Architect

  • Listen to his story of failures in business (not related to architecture) that eventually lead him to do freelance as a visualization architect.
  • Discover his “secret” in landing his first premium client, even though he hasn’t passed the board exam … earning $4,000 total to be exact.
  • Learn the “tribe way” of freelancing that helped him develop good habits to achieve his goals.

Mommy Vlogger Tax Advocate

  • Get to know how Ginger grew as an entrepreneur; from freelance content creator to workshops coordinator to events management and to taxes payment platform owner.
  • Discover she started her business without big capital. Only by utilizing her network and smart spending of cash flow.
  • Know what the BIGGEST BENEFIT is of paying taxes as a Filipino citizen.

The Premium Landing Page Designer

  • Listen to his VIVID CLEAR step-by-step strategy to start freelancing as a beginner with today’s technology.
  • Know what are the VERY BIG advantages for web and graphic design to focus on landing page design.
  • Get to know how his community of designers was formed. This group have been helping Filipino creatives to be Premium Landing page designers.
  • Not to mention his “dark” beginnings as a graphic designer

The Soft-spoken Personal Branding Strategist

  • As a child, he was really into art and drawing. And somehow, though had some wrong decisions, he found his way to what he really loves to do.
  • He worked with the 2017 ASEAN Summit as graphic designer and did a lot of freelance work and then focused on getting international clients in 2018
  • Listen to how he applies the Life Systems to plan his goals throughout the year and make the best out of life and business.

The Seduction Marketing Coach

  • She IS an INTROVERT, and an ULTIMATE Rakitera who tried a lot of different business and jobs; a copywriter, call center agent, network marketer, relationship coach, an ICE CANDY distibutor … attained success in each career, but ended up being burned out and restarting again.
  • She conceptualized SEDUCTION MARKETING, from watching a TED TALK and combining all her skills and experiences and was FORCED to create a course and to be a coach due to the demand of students. And right now, going to the next level of coaching.
  • Her ultimate goal is to live in a peaceful house on top of a mountain with WIFI. The dream of every introvert maybe …

The Super Twin System Strategists

  • Hear their story of being Students, Rakiteras and Freelancers all at the same time …
  • How they got into freelancing, going back to zero then eventually got their perfect offer and strategy to earn consistent 6 figure …
  • For students aspiring to be freelancers, listen to their advice as students who made it thru freelancing and still going strong.

The Digital Solopreneur

  • Why treating your business as an “EXPERIMENT” will make things easier
  • Why knowing your market better than themselves is the best place to start. Falling in love with your market is the key
  • Know the power of email marketing and why would someone do it for their business.

The Introvert SAAS copy Strategist

  • Know what’s in Saas copywriting, that most copywriters would love to jump in.
  • Learn how Introverts effectively build their agencies without being forced out of introversion … (love this … 🙂 )
  • Discover what “Unhuslting” as a new goal in doing freelancing and business as a whole.

The Savage Closer Coach

  • Rommel was a marine transportation student who became obsessed in psychology.
  • Studied hypnotherapy to cure his father’s pessimism while recovering from stroke.
  • Listen to his complete road map for aspiring freelancers.
  • How he started jumping from fb ads, to web design, to email copywriting and eventually finding his calling as premium client closing coach by just helping others one at a time.

The Pifolz Choice Freelance Bookkeeper

  • A former OFW turned into a rakitera, online seller, life insurance and real estate agent, now into accounting services for foreign companies and helping other aspiring freelancers get started, especially in accounting and bookkeeping.
  • Consistency in reaching out and building network helped her land into her ideal clients and also built her community, now with more than 8k members and still continuing to grow.
  • Her ultimate goal is to help more aspiring freelancers aspiring to be bookkeepers and accountants, most especially the OFW’s to return home for good and earn income in the comfort of their homes.

High-Ticket Real Estate Powerpoint Expert

  • Kevin grew up in a mining community (gold and copper) in Benguet.
  • Developed his presentation skills in Jollibee by reporting thru power point
  • Presentation skills can be offered as service, any software you want to use.
  • Don’t be afraid to hire someone better than you
  • Take time by yourself alone, reflect and tweak your plans in business and in life. Regular travels in a year would be awesome.

The Digital Doctor

The FunnelPreneur

The Premium Designer

The No Burn Out High-Ticket Coach

The Work from Home Podcaster

Work-At-Home Online Academy Strategist

The RaqsStar Virtual Assistant Coach

Depressed introvert now mindset coach

High-Performer Multi-Agency Owner

The Founder

Rock & Rolling Inspirepreneur

The Million Dollar Filipino Freelancer

BPO Employee to Agency Owner

The LinkedIn Opti-Writer

The King of Shortform Videos

Former Specialized Nurse now the Brandketer

Teacher / Engineer now marketing agency owner

The GenZ Canva Expert

The Soon-to-be Asia's Happiness Coach

OFW DJ Turned Real Estate Ads Strategist

The High-Ticket Video Guy