About the Founder

Rene Leanda is one of those called, Jack-of-all-trades, Master of none.

A person passionate for design and arts, always learning, and loves technology very much. He is a frustrated musician, a Civil Engineering graduate, turned into a graphic artist, and a self-learned multi-media designer, who can make 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics. And now a blogger, a freelancer and a WordPress developer.

So much, but still less for someone who loves to learn. Since the web is full of things to learn, you can’t really stop searching.

Today he is aiming to create an established blog for Filipino freelancers. A blog filled with useful information and worth reading and sharing content. This has been his dream since he started learning about information technology, and is now determined to make it a reality.

Thanks for the visit, and I hope it has been worthwhile for you. If you have comments, suggestions or violent reactions, please feel free to contact me. It will be a great help for my improvement.