Depressed Introvert recovers to become a Marketing and Mindset Coach | FoTW

Charlene Ormo is a Marketing and Mindset Coach who worked for multi-million-dollar companies as a Chatbot Expert. To mention some are School of Bots. Mind valley, Manychat, Lazy lifter etc…

As a child, she was really depressed and introverted. Came to the point she was already suicidal. But in spite of this, she has recovered from this trap and got involved in business and marketing at a very young age. Because of this, she has served premium international clients and earned a lot with her agency, AfterClick Media.

Right now, she is pursuing a goal to be a marketing and mindset coach to help those people who are struggling in life and in business.

Get to know more of Charlene, her shares of struggles and success, a little about her personality and her mindset shifts that will help you get you to become a better person as she did.