The Premium Designer shares his struggles and hard work before landing Premium Clients

Paul Guetan is a Premium Brand Designer helping High-Ticket coaches and Celebrities increase their brand’s perceived value in front of their target market.

Paul grew up mostly in the province from his youth to being a young adult. And because of that, he grew deprived of the technology, knowledge, and skills needed to survive the city life. This gave him a culture shock when he went to Manila to seek opportunities of earning a living.

It was not easy. He needed to try a lot of jobs; fast food service crew, real estate agent, cellphone repair, computer technician, security guard and call center agent.

He still felt lost and unmotivated in every job he had. Until he ventured into hard coding web design.

Thru hard work, he learned web design by himself without his own computer and internet. This gave him opportunities and ultimately took a risk to leave his call center job for gigs in oDesk (UpWork).

And thru his solid network, he connected with the “bigger league” and landed premium clients and took the center stage as the go to Premium Designer for high-ticket coaches and celebrities in clout.

Get to know more about his successes and struggles, a little about his personality and what it takes to be a premium brand designer.