Color harmony and Color guide tutorial for Adobe programs

Color Harmony and Color Guide

Color Harmony and Color Guide

One of the most important aspect in designing is choice of colors. Most often newbie designers, and even the experienced ones, tend to use a lot of colors in designing. To the extent that their design become over crowded and so confusing because of lots of colors. Let’s look more into color harmony and color guide for Adobe application.

Color harmony is a topic in Color theories that explains how colors relate to each other. If you know a bit of this Color Harmony Theory, you would know before hand, what colors to use for your graphic design.

In aid to help you apply the Color harmony, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop has a feature called Color Guide. Also Adobe have a special website for this that you can use for any image processing software. You can access it at Adobe Color CC.

Here’s a quick tutorial in how to use the Color Guide in Illustrator and Photoshop. Hope this will be helpful

This is a screencast of what is color harmony and how to use color guides in Adobe application explained in Taglish

In a nutshell

Though any artist or designer have their special talent of their own, simple theories can be handy at times. Because not all designers are created equal, but there are these baby steps they can take so they move up another level.

Color harmony is a very vital element of design, that ever yone designer should know. That if you don’t have an idea on this or two, you would certainly mess up every design you make.

I hope this simple explanation of what is color harmony and how to use the color guides provided by Adobe would be of help even in a small way. If you have comments or suggestion, or anything you want to share, please drop a comment, we would  love to hear from you!