Know what to blog about in 7 steps

How to know what to blog about

As a blogger, it often comes that I do not have an idea what to blog about. And I am really sure, you have times like those. Sometimes over ANALYSIS gives you PARALYSIS. We go blank on the times where we need to have a “viral” blog post, but nothing comes out, because of too much thinking of details, and how people would react. So you asked “How to know what to blog when you don’t know what to blog?”
I have researched about this and found out these important steps in creating your next blog post effectively and jump out of the writer’s block up ahead.

People asks questions, try to answer them 

The most effective starting point is to solve someone’s problem.  I’ll give this a personal example for this.
I had this message from my blog follower.  And it just gave me an Idea on what to write about next time.

Know what to blog about in seven steps

Most probably, more people may be asking the same questions. But as of now, just by reading this, you know you have a necessity or a demand. If you answer this one question, most probably you have an answer to others who have the same question.  Blog about this, so that whenever you get the same question, just lead them to that post to answer them.

This is something to be considered. This question might be “very important” to the one asking. That’s why if you value this, it can change a life. Seriously.   Other places to go where you can’t find questions are Quora and Yahoo answers. If you need to have a new blog post. Just go to these sites and never go out of ideas.

Stick to your niche

Ok, so you have lots of questions. But most of them would be non-sense, believe me. One thing to do, so you will know what question to answer is to ask yourself, “is this within your niche?”

If you don’t know what a niche is, it is simply a specific topic you are you choose to blog about. If you are targeting a group of people of same interests, you are simple creating a niche market.   This is my example.

My interests are blogging, graphic design and freelancing. I chose these topics, simply because I am passionate about them. I can spend all day researching about these topics and learn from them.

Know what to blog about in seven steps

If I encounter people asking about these topics. I can just simply share the information I researched to help them solve their problem.  It can be about one topic, or all of these.

We all have interests, and most often we have one or two interests in common. Share your knowledge to other people having the same question you had about a topic of same interest.

Write it as if telling a story

Don’t write as if you are an expert. Just tell a story. It’s not bad sharing an information you researched. Just write it as if you are telling a story to a friend. Chances are, you are not an expert in this field, so why pretend as an expert. Write it in your own words, and according to your experience.

A more detailed story can include dates, places your actions and reactions. You can start by saying, “I found out about this”, “I watch a documentary about this”, “I saw an infographic about”, “I am following a blog about this”, “I tested this and found out that”. This just simply tells your direct experience about the information, and makes it more genuine and interesting.   I have read about this, that information tells facts, but stories sell. It has been practiced in marketing and advertising, try to apply it.

Learn as you write

Chances are, you are not an expert on your “newly found” information. It’s ok, you don’t have to. As long as your information is true and useful, you can just write it in your own words and put a link to the website or blog where you found that information.

The internet is about sharing. Learn as you search and share it as you confirm it. If you have carefully studied something about a topic, it’s worth sharing. You can ask your readers to react about it if it is wrong. You may have opposition, but in the end, you will still learn in the process.

Just be yourself

People are often shy about themselves and try to sound like other people. Just be yourself. Show your flaws. Show who you are.  Your most valuable asset is being YOU.

I have read about this that, diamonds are so precious because they are rare. Just to think how RARE you are? No exact person in the world is like you. So why bother to be someone else. Just be you. Develop a writing style of your own. It’s like a diamond.

Do people spend money in your niche?

Now that you have a topic, and you know how to blog about it. Next thing to know are the opportunities. Let’s be true, we are blogging ultimately to earn money, right? But, it’s the least of the priorities.   One thing to know is, are your audience actually spending money for the topics you are blogging about? Is this a good business opportunity?  

One thing to examine is who are your audience or readers? If you are writing about dogs. Are there people actually buying dogs or anything that relates to dogs, may be a product or service?   As for my niche? Are people interested or practicing blogging, graphic design and freelancing spending money to get what they want? This is a broad topic and requires more studies and research. 

It really depends on your desired topic. Try to find out who are the spenders, what do they buy and how they buy. Look for opportunities.   You can do this after you have a well written blog post. You can always update and revise. Again, this is not a priority. Your goal as a blogger is to create a useful and informative content.

Recommend, don’t sell

Now that you have a well-crafted blog post and researched on earning opportunities. You can have income thru, recommendation. People tend to hard sell products or services just to make a sale. This is not effective at all. Just ask yourself, would you want to buy from a hard seller? If you say yes, most probably there’s not many like you.

People buy mostly because of a friend’s recommendation. And friends are mostly people who have the same interests like you. Don’t let your friendship suffer because of your hard selling. If you are blogging, your readers are your friends, and they are more important. Keep this relationship. You can offer products or services by just simply recommendation. Let them decide.

There lots of products to offer, can either be from affiliate sites, Amazon e-books, Adsense or other PPC products and online services. Try to find out where and when to recommend this on your blog. Again you can do this after you have written an informative and valuable blog post.

In a Nutshell

These are just few of the things we must keep in mind. Especially if we are running out of creative ideas and topics to blog about. There’s a way to get out of that writer’s block. You don’t have to force yourself, let others force you to write.

To sum up all of this, blogging is all about solving problems. Many times that I experienced, and I’m sure you experienced this too, that when I am googling to find some answer to a question I have or a topic I want to learn about, most of the time I find it in a blog. This made me realize so many things that I have composed this blog post and I REALLY hope this simply been helpful for you.

How about you? What is your opinion about this? Just share it in the comments and it will be greatly appreciated!