Filipino Animators create a Rody Duterte Fan Made Anime

I can’t help but admire this Rody Duterte fan made Anime. Davao Nikkel Jin Anime Club and Bisaya Ball Community created this video as a tribute to our president Duterte.   This is something that gives me a sense of pride in a very significant way. You can see clearly the versatility of the Filipino Animators to put up a creative video like this.  It’s not really a great feat because Filipno animators are very capable of these kinds of production. Filipino animators been drawing most of our favorite animes.

TOEI Animation themselves outsources their in between animation to the Filipino artists according to this article.  

80% of the Animation production of the most popular anime’s. Dragon ball, Slam Dunk and One Piece are some of those that are outsourced to the Philippines according to this report.

According to Animation Council of the Philippines, the Philippines is the 3rd in the world in animation outsourcing. This is a concrete evidence that the Filipino talent is world-class. One of the factors is that Filipino animators can catch up English humor easily. 

Rody Duterte fan made Anime

Because of this, Anime producers choose the Philippines as one of their outsourcing countries. Also, the production cost of animation is fairly cheap in the Philippines.

This is something to be proud of as a Filipino. It ‘s good to know that our talents are recognized worldwide in this field. But a bit of sigh because we still yet to have our own anime series. Even though we have this much talent. Until now, the Philippines has not yet established an ALL Filipino Animation series. Our talents only help in producing Japan’s Anime creations, but we still don’t have our own creation. 

In a nutshell

Seeing this Rody Duterte fan made Anime gives a bit of spark that Filipinos can actually create our very own Anime. Still hoping to see that day that the Philippines based company will launch our own brand of animation to be recognized world-wide. It’s one way of preserving our country’s culture and nationalism.

11 thoughts on “Filipino Animators create a Rody Duterte Fan Made Anime

  1. I haven't watched a lot of Anime myself. Though I'm familiar with some of the most well known anime's line Dragonball. It sounds like there's so much talent for this in the Philippines. I hope there be the chance to promote it more. Or maybe someone starts something up for anime. I think there are so many people who will like that.

  2. That is so cool. It's not only Duterte who is there. Even Gen. Bato is there too. LOL! Yeah, creativity is something Filipinos are known for. It's time for the Pinoys to come up with quality shows and series and the locals should support din.

  3. Im not a fan of anime or any cosplay sort of.. But i do admire this! I agree, seeing this was like nakaka-proud. I do admire our President too for all that he is doing for our country today. May God bless the Phils.!

  4. Wow! Filipinos are into heroic style of anime so this must be well-supported. But wait, the music should be in Filipino? I wonder how it will sound. Haha. Cheers for Filipino Animators!

  5. I believe that Filipinos are talented. Sometimes though, they use those talents that create a bad impression. But going back, Filipinos arent leeft behind in showcasing their talents. i have a few friends who can really create great image manipulation and anime but sadly works in New Zeland and other parts of the world. It comes as a surprise that India comes in second though.

  6. I never knew there was such a large Anime culture in the Philippines. As you say it something I always tend to associate with Japan. While it's not really my thing my son loves it and it constantly sketching. Great to see you promoting the local industry and you never know it may happen that there is an al Filipino series!

  7. Great that there are so many PH animators. I have tried to watch your video, but I couldn't understand. It was funny to see this however. It's such a different world than where I am from. Hope to see more soon!

  8. I love this fanmade anime! It did pinch me in the heart. The storyline shows our president's genuine love for us, and our genuine love for him. It also shows him being strong despite all the curve balls being thrown at him, just so he can protect his beloved country.

  9. Filipinos are really talented. I'm happy to see the Philippines have a place in the animations. I guess we are not only creative people but we have a great sense of humor. 🙂

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