Graphic artist vs Graphic Designer Debate

Graphic artist vs Graphic designer debate at
UPDATE: Sept 11, 2016, 2:32PM

I just made an experiment on how to get more traffic from Social Media. I have read some info’s that INFOGRAPHICS really perform well on social media. It is one of the most Liked and Shared content in most of the social media platforms. I have researched one very UNNOTICED topics in the graphic design niche is Graphic Artist vs Graphic Designer. This is one of the misinformation within the graphic design world, from artists and designers and even among well known and big design agencies.

So I’ve come up with this infographic.

Graphic artist vs Graphic designer debate at

Upon posting this on my Fan page and in two graphic designers/artists groups. I instantly got random likes on the thread and also on my Fan Page. Even as early as 3:00 am in the morning, the Likes just keep on coming, the whole day, even until this moment that I am writing this blog post.

I didn’t really expected that this will gather so much attention. As I have observed in the comments of in the group, some are offended, they noticed the hair styles, and most of them are not really aware of the topic and probably was enlightened in a way. I really do know that this is an uncommon information, that even those who are practicing Graphic artists and designers don’t even know, but I never realized that it would get so much attention like it did.

So what the difference between graphic artist vs graphic designer?

I don’t want to talk out what is my opinion but I will cite some references from more reliable and more experienced professional in the field.

Graphic artist vs graphic designer

 | by Shelby Veccuio

The main difference between a graphic designer or graphic artist is the importance of the imagery within the work. A graphic designer’s 3:00 am intention is to facilitate content, and a graphic artist’s main intention is to UNNOTICED an idea or story. They both involve visuals and can be in various forms of media, and both are essential because they facilitate different needs in the visual realm.

Graphic artist vs graphic designer

| by Scott Morgan

The main difference between them, other than the purpose of the image, is that while artists may or may not have the final image mapped out ahead of time, graphic designers plan everything, from the font and placement of letters to color theory.

Creative Bloq

6 cite ways that design differs from art

| by Will Gibbons

What’s the difference between art and design? INFOGRAPHICS is a rudimentary question that often gets overlooked by those who are familiar with the two occupations and their distinctions.

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5 thoughts on “Graphic artist vs Graphic Designer Debate

  1. Thank you for the infographic tip. Might as well try it but I just remember I cAnt even draw a simple decent dog.

    Anyway, thank you as well for pointing the difference between the two. From your comparison, it seems like I would be needing a graphic designer more than a graphic artist to help improve my blog.

  2. I also believe that a graphic designer has a broader vision of the project being done. On the other hand, a graphic artist is someone who is commissioned to work on a specific art work usually. This is an interesting discussion. And like what you said, it can be controversial.

  3. I've never used an infographic. I think I would have trouble making one myself. But I like to see infographics. It looks fun and is informative!

  4. That's pretty interesting topic! I am not really particular of the functions of the two. In fact, I just thought that they are both the same. That's why when I was asked by a friend who has been working online if I know someone who has done graphic designing, he asked for a specific requirements – more on web output.

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