Designer of the week – Adguzman – Arnold de Guzman

Senior Designer in an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE



Arnold De Guzman

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Character design

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Senior Designer in an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE


Please tell us how you started out as a graphic designer. Your inspirations and perspirations.

Honestly speaking, I do not have a clear idea what I wanted to do before. I was the type of guy who just live his life, without knowing the consequences.

When I was a child, I remember I enjoy drawing cartoon characters and other random stuff I see at home. I even made my own short comics in an old school notebook, which I enjoyed working on with my brother. I was the kind of child that would draw anything that is on my mind whenever I get to hold a pen. My classmates would say I am their ‘Best in Drawing pal.’

Then teenage life hit me. I changed, I became a happy-go-lucky guy without even a single hint of what I wanted to do with my life when I get older. So during college I took up BS ECE, which my parents wanted for me. It was fine, yes. But the longer I am taking this course, the clearer I realize that this isn’t for me. There is something else I wanted to do which I am not sure of.

Term break arrived and there I was, spending my time editing videos for my cousin’s school project using Adobe After Effects. I learned that through the video tutorials I watched online. I got so used to the software that I found myself enjoying it. I remember the video I made with my brother, entitled: “Weekend of a Superhero” (you can find it in my facebook page).

I loved the feeling of hurtful eyes due to hours of editing, I loved the sense of fulfillment after I watch the final output. Then it hit me. Hard. My purpose has been with me ever since I was a child. With all those doodles and sketches at the back of my notebooks, all those orthographic drawings of different things, those monstrous sketches, I know I am an artist. I now know what I want and what I will be. I wanted to be someone who lives by his art, who pays bills, rents, and surviving by doing what I love most.

So, I enrolled and took Visual Graphic Design at the First Academy of Computer Arts (FACA) in Makati City, Philippines. I learned to operate three more design softwares, namely, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

I graduated in FACA and I have never been unemployed. I was able to help cover our family’s expenses. Even though I do not earn as much as the engineers do, I am happy that little by little, I am returning the favor my parents gave me, while doing the thing I love the most.

Currently, with all thanks to God, I am working as a Senior Designer in an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi, UAE, handling a team that designs marketing materials for some of the country’s big names. In my free time, I take freelance illustration works, mostly character design, and 2D asset creation for mobile games.


Please share us an image of an artwork, or a design project you made that you want to talk about

I called this project Chronicles of Zenia. It is very important to me because it will be my very first personal project that (hopefully) I will get funded. It is a comics about a young boy who never knew who he was and what’s his purpose, until he met an old, stubborn, beggar.
I’ve been working on this for 6 months now, and hoping to finish it by the end of the year.
I am also about to collab with one of my friend for another comic series, called HotBots in Space Station 7. It is a sci-fi comic featuring interstellar travel, and walking war robots.

What is the most important lesson in graphic designing that you have learned that you would think worth sharing to others?

Umm, maybe.. USE. A. CONTRACT. I’ve been in a lot of projects in which the client runs away (I think 3 times already). lol. I trust someone really easily 😀
When it comes to technicality, there is no actual rule. I mean, in my experience, when designing, what’s beautiful for you may not be beautiful to your client. Some clients are not artists/designers. You have to educate them about good design. It can also serve as a sales talk to persuade them to pay you a good amount because “you know the ins and outs of the industry”.

What piece of advice can you give those aspiring graphic designers who want to start a career?

Even though we may not earn as much as the engineers, or doctors, or architects, still, the world need our service. Everything you see around you, there is design. Everything you see around you, there is art. It is not just about the money. It is about pursuing your passion and doing what you love.
As for those aspiring artists: personally, I always find my works ugly, or too bad compared to others. But I know it should never be like that. Art is subjective. We all have our own “style” We must not stress ourselves and tell ourselves that we are not good enough. Nobody is not good enough. As long as you did your best, you’re good. But of course learn to accept criticisms and with those criticisms, we can improve. 😉

How can we contact you, if ever someone would be in need of your service?

Anyone can contact me in my primary email:

Or you can drop me a line in my facebook account:

Please visit my illustration blog as well: | and my graphic design portfolio:


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14 thoughts on “Designer of the week – Adguzman – Arnold de Guzman

  1. I really am at awe whenever I see a really good image being uploaded online. I give all respect towards the artist because of their skills since i don't have a knack on such talent.

  2. Hi Arnold! You know, if I am to finish my multimedia career (which started in mapua), I think I would love to finish it at where you studied which is in First academy. after all, graphics and photography is where I was headed at in the first place… I'm happy that you're making your living doing something you love, not everyone gets said privilege due to them listening to the wants of others instead of their own. keep it up! 🙂

    As for you rene, awesome interview! thanks for giving us an insight on how a graphics designer's mind works 😉

  3. Ugh! He's good. For someone like me who is nowhere near being a graphic artist, he's outstanding! Keep it up, Arnold. I'm sure those who ran away from you already got their digital karma. I give high regards to graphic artists, always. Because I have absolutely no idea how they do it!

  4. Truly, graphic designing is for those who gifted or passionate in creating their own work. I've seriously considered taking up Multimedia Arts before, but I thought that if I don't have the passion for it, I'll end up hungry. So, I really admire graphic designers like Arnold who already know from the start what they want, pursued it and are now successful.

    Anyway, great interview. -Me-An Clemente of

  5. Great write up about an amazing young talent ! It is a great way to promote and push young designers anbd artist a little , a brilliant post opportunity for you at the same time. Hm , I wrote about a young lady's talent in pot painting this week. I like putting outstanding people in the limelight and tell about their awesomeness.Brilliant job !!! Klaudia @

  6. I have super high regards to graphic artists. Without them, I believe everything would be dull and boring. Imagine your childhood days, just watching stick cartoons. Right? Just plain ugly!

    As for Arnold, keep it up bro! Don't compare yourself to others and Keep sharpening your skills.

  7. This is such an interesting interview. I always loved everything related to designs, drawings etc. My girlfriend is even a webdesigner and do amazing things with photoshop in general. I met some comics drawers on conventions. I just love everything related to the universe of the picture. Great interview anyway!

  8. I am not an artistic person, that is why I admire people who is good in arts and design. One of my goal next year is to learn something from the photoshop. I wish Arnold for more success in his endeavors.

  9. ah this is really inspiring.. when I was in college, i used to make my own comics and draw my own characters but never had a chance to elevate my skills because I don't know how to draw them using those software tools that we have today.. Until now, i still have the ideas on how I want my comics to look like but I just don't know how to execute them…

  10. To be an artist in our country has always been a struggle. I admire his success and perseverance and surely, it led him to his success. I'm into calligraphy now and practicing to digitize my works. I do hope I could ask him for some pieces of advice in using the editing softwares. Thanks for this wonderful post! Kudos to Arnold!

  11. great work! I love artsy people who do what they love and work hard in their career. Love the advice given and the interview style in the post. Design IS everywhere and he's right, there is a demand/need for it!

  12. I'm really interested in graphic design so i love reading about other graphic designers. This interview was really interesting. I feel the same as him, i usually find my work bad but others like it, art truly is subjective.

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