Former BPO employee loses the job to be a Rockstar VA Coach | FoTW

Raqs is the Founder and Coach of Raqsstar VA Academy. She helps aspiring virtual assistants by equipping them with the skills, mindset, and actual work thru an internship that will ultimately give them the confidence and qualifications to land their ideal clients.

She was a former BPO employee who lost her job because of the pandemic. By venturing into being a virtual assistant, hustling to get a client, she eventually hit her goal of creating a stable source of income.

At the spur of the moment, she just got struck by the idea of building a VA academy to share her knowledge and help other aspiring VA to start their own freelancing journey as well. Because of the sleepless nights, she just sat down and conceptualized the academy and from there, the Raqsstar VA academy began.

Now, she became consistent in doing webinars for aspiring VAs helping them create a steady source of income, even in the comfort of their home.