High-performing LinkedIn marketer and multi-agency owner shares her struggles and failures | FoTW

Jan Briones is a high-performer multi-agency owner who helps above-standard Filipino freelancers land premium foreign clients. She also has a program for LinkedIn Marketers and also hosts her own podcast where she features exceptional freelancers.

She was bullied at a very young age, but that did not bring her down. She engaged in theatre and build her confidence by doing what she loves and disregarding her detractors.

With a competitive mindset, she built her freelance business and established her agencies. As an advocate, she lifted the status of Filipino freelancer. She has helped a lot by equipping them with knowledge and skills she has developed as a freelancer herself.

Currently, she faces challenges but faces them with high morale, not backing down but pushing forward and taking risks.

Get to know more about her successes and struggles, a little about her personality and what it takes to be a high-performing agency owner and an entrepreneur.