Freelancer’s morning routine for success

For some freelancers with a normal job shift sitting every day in front of the computer can sometimes feel a little bit overwhelming.  To maneuver this feeling and achieve the genuine meaning of “good morning” every day, this might be the freelancer’s morning routine for success that will work for you and take you to a productive day. 

I always hear this popular line saying, “Don’t just sit there, do something” . But I took a lot of inspiration from this quote that is always used by my mentor saying in another way around. “Don’t just do something, sit there”.   Waking up in the morning half an hour earlier prior to the things you need to attend is enough time to do this morning routine.  For a not morning person this might feel like a punishment but overcoming this negativity will discipline your own body and mind to make this the best habit of your life.


This is by far, the most important in this freelancer’s morning routine. Do this before doing everything else. Develop a habit of gratitude. Get your planner and favorite pen with you and write down the things that you are grateful for a minimum of three.  It could be about the opportunity, your health, what made you stronger, even the tough times you’ve been through that made you stronger.  There is no right or wrong in this, just let your hands write down what you think. Write and feel those words. When you are going through a day be conscious to remember what you are thankful for that day that you can write down for tomorrow.  For a day of a freelancer, we know that even if there are tons of stress there are also tons of things that we can be grateful for.


Meditation is an approach to train minds and it is best to practice after your eyes are set to open.  By meditation through breathing practiced in the first few minutes of your day, set you to the tone of being mindful of every inch you are doing throughout the day.  You are learning to observe things happening without judgment and start to better understand them as well. By these, we lower our stress level, connect easily with others, know the pain we are going through, improve focus and get to know ourselves better.  Freelancing job is not easy, juggling four clients in a day and attending your family concern is not a joke, meditation might help a lot.


Every single day, do something that will add up to your skills and knowledge.  Freelancers must not stop learning, upgrading is a key to make you a caliber freelancer. Workout to be an expert on something.  Let that be a must to do every day. Accomplish something for yourself that will help you to take you to another level. Envision yourself who you want to be in the future then make it happen.  Push yourself to be better. Listen to something that leads you to take action. Read a lot as food for your brain. Watch something that inspires you, do all the things that will impart to who you wanna be you.

Exercise and Nutrition

You don’t need a gym membership to exercise. There is a lot of free Youtube exercise or run in your own village park. You can do these in a matter of 15 to 30 minutes a day, a little part of your 24 hours day only and there must be no excuses to skip this.  It could be eight hours of a day is spent sitting on your computer so better start your day with a pumping exercise to get you through the day. Nutrition is your fuel, what you take into your body is either energy that can be your fuel to move in completing your daily goals or a toxin that can make you lazy.  With long hours of sitting doing your freelancing job better choose what you eat and prefer to go healthy because life is much easier if you are healthy and energetic. 

Putting into Action

A strong desire to change yourself is a must to make these things materialize.  There will be times that you are going to miss doing this freelancer’s morning routine but don’t let yourself go back to the old self that you are,  get back on track and assess what you feel. This is a process of change, training your brain to control your reaction and what to prioritize, reminding your brain that you are in charge.  This is a mental battle that you have to win until you find yourself stronger than yesterday and ripping the life of your choice. So what are you waiting for? There is no better timing to do it, but NOW.  Sleep tonight with the best intention to make yourself the best version of you and wake up excited tomorrow with the passion to do these things that will help you a lot in your freelancing career. 

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