Start freelancing if you’re broke! with Roberto Blake

Are you struggling financially right now?  Then you better take the advice of Roberto Blake, a creative entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of, start freelancing if you’re broke! 

In this video, Roberto shares how freelancing saved him when he is strapped for cash.   He started to do freelancing when he was in high school but most beneficial to him when he was studying in college.  With his true to life experience, he said on the video, “Freelancing can be the thing that completely changes the game for you.  It could really set you up to have a little bit of something extra and for those of you who are really ambitious, it can grant you financial freedom.” Let’s take on to the journey of Roberto Blake on how he started his freelancing journey and became successful in his online business.


Take an hour sitting and assessing yourself to what are the skills you have and passionately doing it.  It can be video editing, designing, photography or content writing. After that, decide on how many hours of your day or week you can commit working your freelance side-hustles on top of your full-time job.   Commitment is a must, it is the key to clients’ hearts. 


There are a lot of opportunities you may find in different freelancing websites, choose the best that fits your skills.  Do legitimacy check and stick on to what best works for you. Here are some of the sites Roberto is getting his job order:

He also advises that you can also opt to find a local business that is in need of your service.   Approach, present and offer your skills set that you think are beneficial to them. For starters, if you are experiencing a hard time getting a client, Roberto’s advice is to offer them exdeals of your service to leads or access to persons, groups, companies,  or organizations that might need your service someday. Quote, unquote, “Resources are a big deal.  Resources could be more important than money or access to a network of people that could become the clients you need that can afford you.”  Be smart on your decision on whom you are doing free work for referrals.  Doing this must be an equivalent advantage on your end, do not let your self fall to some abusers. 


Always be hungry for learning.  With a fast-paced world, we have right now you will be easily left behind.  If you want to be a pro someday and be paid higher than when where you were starting, or if you want to stay in the competition, do not stop learning because every day there is a new discovery, new technology arises and a new version of applications created.  If you are into creative service, Roberto recommends these websites that he tried himself to develop his skills.


Roberto shares his real-life freelance experience, it is now up to you to take action on becoming it into reality.  And for those who are financially broke who are reading this article right now, do not let fear and what if’s of your life stop you.  As Roberto Blake’s parting words in the video, freelancing changed his entire life and saved him especially the most difficult time of his life. Better start to tap those fingers on your keyboard and let your freelancing journey begin. The best time to start is now.