AI tutorial in Taglish – Logo creation from scratch

AI tutorial in Taglish - logo creation from scratch

AI tutorial in Taglish – New logo – Rebranded!

Ok! I have rebranded my blog, and created a new logo. I have put up my YouTube channel and Facebook Fan Page. And decided to create a tutorial on how I created my logo for Freelancer Philippines. This is just the first of my video for my channel. I am aiming to make at least 1 tutorial a week. It is inspired actually by all the illustrator tutorial I have watched in YouTube. This is just a simple logo, but I would hope you will learn something from it and be useful for your own creation! Here’s my AI tutorial in Taglish.

The process starts of with sketching the idea on paper first. Then I choose among the studies, what is the best design idea to work on. I just pick a simple design that would work perfectly in different mediums.

After having the ideal logo design from scratch. It is then imported to AI to be traced. Since the logo is simple, just a little bit of pen tool and shape tool can do the job. Then a little bit of typography mix and match.

This is quite a short process, it took me a little of a couple of hours, but I think the logo will work. It is simple, easily identifiable, and definitely it would work in print, textile and any medium it may be used in.

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