How to earn bitcoins using

How to earn BitCoins in the Philippines Philippines

How to earn bitcoins in the Philippines
Bitcoin Hits 1M Php this December 2020

Bitcoin is a well-known and accepted internet currency, although most of us don’t know it, simply because the internet is a vast universe that most of us haven’t explored yet. When talking about bitcoins, it is 
not very common in the Philippines
. To make things simpler, there’s now an application or a platform, we could say, that lets you pay bills, buy loads and send money in the Philippines using bitcoins. And also convert bitcoin into peso and vice-versa. This article will teach you how to earn bitcoins.

You would like to view this video first, to have an idea of what bitcoin is.

I am not going to elaborate the “mystery of bitcoin”, but I will be focusing on Bitcoin Philippines, If you know “bitcoin mining” that will be in another blog post, for the mean time lest take a look at Coins.PH. I you already have a account you can read this post about how to earn bitcoins easy and free

Create your account by clicking on "Get Started"
Create your account by clicking on “Get Started” is founded in 2014. The main mission of the company is to have “frictionless” or no hassle money exchange and transfers, in terms of Bitcoins. A Bitcoin is an internet currency, that can be converted into any other currency. created a system that anyone in the Philippines can accept bitcoins and then easily use it as pesos for their payments.
I know what you are thinking? Where can you get bitcoins?

There lots of places to where to earn bitcoins, but also give you chances to earn bitcoins and convert it to pesos.

How to have a account?

Simple… By just simply signing up at their website.

Upon signing into Coins.PH, there are several mission which in return give you bitcoins or Pesos to your wallet. Some of which are very simple like verifying email, verifying phone number and connect to Facebook. Once you have completed the tasks, your rewards will be automatically reflected on your account. You will have a wallet where in you can use to send and receive money in different ways.You can move your rewards to your wallet, so you can use it already for payment or buying load.

How to earn bitcoins using at
Upon completion of mission your earnings are reflected in your account

NOTE; You can use these bitcoins as soon as it is in your wallet, but you cannot request or send money unless you have an Upgraded account. Don’t worry, upgrading is FREE by just submitting a valid ID and together with a selfie verification.

How to earn bitcoins using at
To be able to request money, you must verify your identity

 YES, that sounds ridiculous, but a selfie with your ID is required.

How to earn bitcoins using at
Upload a photo of a valid ID and also your selfie holding that ID you submitted

How to Upgrade

The good thing about upgrading is it lets you send payment requests to your friends or anyone with a bitcoin wallet. Also it increases the daily deposit and cash-out limit up to P50k.

How to earn bitcoins using at
There are several levels of verifications

Simply click the UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT button and follow instructions. You will be filling up a form and then submitting a valid ID and your selfie holding that ID you just submitted. Talk about security. Your account will be upgraded 2 to 3 business

How to earn bitcoins using at
Upgrade your account to maximize your benefits. Good thing is it FREE!

If you need to increase your limits to P400,000, you must verify your address by a very much the same procedure, filling up a form and submitting a picture of a proof of billing, or barangay clearance or any other documents to verify your address.

There are other verifications, like business verification and Lenddo verification, but as of now, Level 2 verification is enough.

How to earn bitcoins using at
Other verifications

What are the advantages of having a account?

Aside from having to pay bills very conveniently, you have cash backs when you load, rebates when you pay bills and discounts on the shopping area. And also don’t under estimate the P24 reward for inviting your friend to join bitcoin.

How to earn bitcoins using at
Earn money by completing missions

But here’s the real secret

At the upper left portion of the dashboard. You can see the BUY and SELL value of a bitcoin.

How to earn bitcoins using at
You can buy and sell bitcoins to earn some more extra cash

As of today, the value of the bitcoin is P27,114.00 when you buy it and P26,316.00 when you sell it. If you get the Idea, you can use bitcoins for money exchanges.

Meaning, you can avoid the peso devaluation, and take advantage when the value of peso increase. This is a very wide topic and I will save it for the next blog post about Bitcoin Philippines.

Plus, not to mention the Bitcoin Mining, which several people are earning from in the internet. We will be looking at those in-depth in the next posts. So, I hope you will still be there reading.

Is your money in Coins.Ph safe?

Every time you login to your account, you will receive a confirmation code to your email or mobile phone. And without this confirmation code, you will not be able to login to your account. This is a very powerful safety feature, that you can rest assure that your money is safe in your account in

How to earn bitcoins using at
Every time you login, a verification code is sent to your email or mobile number to keep your account safe


It has been more than a year that I have been using And the experience have been quite GREAT!

How to earn bitcoins using at
Here’s a snapshot of my earnings in

It’s not a lot of earnings though but it gave me some load and some I withdrew for some things I bought.

But what really freaked me out, was bitcoin hit it’s highest to more than Php 900,000.

Right now it’s price went down to about the 300,000 mark.

Bitcoin is an internet currency that is slowly becoming common nowadays. Since we are digging deeper into the information era, you must be well informed regarding these things.

Bitcoin Philippines,, had done a great job, finding a way to use bitcoins readily and “frictionless” to pay for our daily needs.

How to earn bitcoins using at

Well just compare it to its price on the first time I had a accout. It’s over 1500% increase in value.

And investors predict that it would again increase in value in the future.

That’s why if you are smart, you will be saving some bits of bitcoins in your virtual wallet.

I have some recommendations on sites that give you free bitcoin. They call it bitcoin faucets. There are TONS of wallets around the internet, but most of them are scam sites. These two gave me the most results. If you want you can use them to some bitcoin reserve before the “bull run” comes again.

Earn bitcoin philippines at
This browser lets you earn bitcoins, check it out! It is called CryptoTab
Earn bitcoin philippines at
And this one is faucet that gives you free bitcoin every hour.

I love these two, because they give me bitcoins with not much distraction even if I am doing something. Just as long as I have internet and a browser.
I will be making another post regarding these faucets and how to systematically use them to earn some bits. It’s not that big earning, but at least it’s free and who knows, it may increase in value in the near future.

In a nutshell

If you still have questions or anything you want to add to this article, please leave a comment below and let us learn more about bitcoin together. Thanks for reading and more internet money to come!

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  1. I've heard lots about bitcoin but to be honest I never really knew the mechanics of it. This was a really thorough post and I understand it a lot better now. It seems to be the way of the future. I think it will probably replace using credit cards and stuff online which would be great!

  2. Good video, easy to understand and points effectively to usage. I've only heard this one from a friend who uses it for ordering/trading something through the internet though I'm glad I'm able to see everything here for myself. From the onset it sounds better than any form of digital payment method or currency. I'm interested in signing up and I hope more will follow. It might take some time before it becomes a general term with people.

  3. I have heard a few times of bitcoin before. But I have never used it. Usually I use PayPal online. It's nice that you explain Completely how it works and also give a step by step guide. Males it way easier to try it out!

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    Sa earning naman such as buy and sell ng bitcoins, would need to study more muna bago sumulong. Tapos you mentioned bitcoin mining. I would love to read more about that. #AmazingLifeDaily

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  7. This is very informative. I have an account with but I never opened it since I created it because I thought it's of no use. I also have been wanting to learn more about bitcoins so this is good to know that I can buy and sell bitcoins through this. Thank you for this post!

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