Little taekwondo boy earns his white belt through persistence

This cute adorable little taekwondo boy earns his white belt through persistence. After several attempts, he was able to break the board and finally gets his belt.

Although this may seem to be just a simple feat, it teaches a lot, especially for adults, to keep persistent and persevere in getting a goal in life.

What did I learned from this kid?

It’s never too early to learn
Kids have a very sharp memory, and according to scientists, we learn the most, when we are still young. As we grow old, and maybe because of all the stresses in life, we have longer learning curves for new knowledge.

We must not only do what we already know, let’s do something new to learn new things
Obviously, this kids has very little or no knowledge in life. In fact, it is his first time to break a board with his kick. Often times, we are afraid of doing something what we do not know, but what we must be afraid, is losing the chance to learn because we refuse to do something we cant do.

Focus on the task, not on what people around you are saying
This kid was so persistent, that he never noticed the other kids are laughing at him. Often time, I see other kids embarrassed in moments like this. They tend to shy away, because others are laughing at him. But this kid is different, he was literally focused on the wooden board, that with a constant instruction from his teacher, he was able to accomplish it, and earn his first white belt.

We need a coach to do things right
I carefully examined the situation. I think that if his teacher was not also persistent, this kid will not do his task well. In fact, at the first command, he just simply jumped over the wooden board, but eventually failed to break it. Often times, we tend to jump in, and do things right away, but somewhere along the way, we need someone to show us how to do it. It’s not bad to try, but being properly educated, is being effective

In a nutshell

Kids are so adorable, because of their innocent looks, their wittiness, their enthusiasm. But what we adults most often fail to see, is that we have many things to learn from every child. The things we forgotten. The things we did when we were children, but unlearned because we have grown to busy with so many things.

These are just few of my observation, but do you have something else to add? Hope this was interesting to you. If you have something to say, please leave me a comment and it will be appreciated.